Can I use this on the skin?

Our product is rich in natural ingredients, including dietary sulfur MSM, clove oil, and illite low-molecular ion water that enables quick absorption into the body and moisturization.
You will experience the same refreshing feeling as well as a clean, soothing, contracting, and moisturized feeling when used on the skin.

I have more vaginal discharges after using the product.

It is the intensive cleaning condition that occurs when the Y-zone is in a critically poor condition.
It is a form of discharges deposited in the vaginal walls dissociating themselves and coming out of the body. When this occurs, do not stop using the product.
After about ten days of use in a row, you will experience a clean vaginal condition.

What effect is there to long-term use of the product?

Candida, accumulated stress, tight clothing, and an overdose of antibiotics can cause almost any kind of problem. Meanwhile, the microorganism that keeps a healthy Y-zone environment is lactobacillus.
Therefore, our product applies destructed lactobacillus from the outside to maintain a normal condition.

Can woman experiencing menopause also use this product?

The products are better for women experiencing menopause.
Women in this period have slower regeneration of the skin mucosa and experience an estrogen plunge that affect them from maintaining a healthy vulva.
This is why using products that help keeping a balanced level of acidity as well as moisturization and lubrication is essential.

I used one tablet but I felt a stinging feeling.

It is a temporary condition that happens when the Y-zone is in critical situation.
After regular use of the product, you will see the symptom that you felt for 1-3 seconds go away.
Our product is a safe product that have been strictly tested with a result of 0.00% of skin irritation. However, very seldom, people with very sensitive skin experience a burning feeling every time they use the product. In this case, please stop the use and consult your doctor.

My skin feels burning after I use the Feminine Care Serum.

Natural herbs are the main substances for our products.
Mints give you a refreshing feeling, while the burning feeling is a natural reaction when alkaline vulva is treated to a healthy and mildly acidic condition.
The burning shall go away after you use the product regularly.

Can I bring it along for use when I travel?

Yes, you may. You can take it with you when you travel, take business trips, or anywhere, anytime.

Is it safe to use everyday?

Mild acidic pH balance is normal, but alkalized vulva washed with soap or body wash does not remove discharges or smell.
Our Dr. Y care is safe to use for alkalized vulvas everyday until they become healthy and mildly acidic.

Does it dissolve well in water?

The tablets are hard that may take about 20 minutes to dissolve naturally in water.
They may be used within 1-2 minutes when dissolved in higher temperature of water or crushed with a teaspoon before they are put in water.

I see some floating matters after melting it.

They are natural oils and a dietary sulfur food ingredient called MSM emulsified with natural substances. There is no problem in applying them.
It naturally melts when applied to the Y-zone.

What is the substance with high viscosity in the syringe-type serum?

Sometimes, the product temporarily changes its form when it is exposed in sudden change of temperature. Although it may appear as small grains, they are lactobacillus that smoothly permeate when rubbed with fingers. There is no problem in its function, so it is completely fine to use it.

Can I split one syringe or tablet for multiple use?

One syringe-type and one tablet are each one dose. One dose should not be used for multiple use.
Splitting the use is discouraged as it may cause hygiene problem due to exposure of the substance to air.

How often should I use it?

One syringe-type or one to two tablets are recommended for a week. One syringe-type or two tablets before and after your menstrual period will give you a refreshing and clean feeling.
(The products are made with natural substances, so depending on your condition, you may use one syringe-type or one to two tablets everyday until your Y-zone recovers to a normal condition. If you choose to use both types of products, you will experience a faster solution in your Y-zone.)

When should I use it?

It does not matter when you use it throughout the day, but for maximized effect, it is best to use it right before bed to have it work while you are asleep.

How is your product different?

Our product is made with substances that have been used for thousands of years by India’s Ayurveda as well as special natural herbs used by many different regions around the world for a long time. We also utilized illite, ionized water particles divided into extremely small units.

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