Y day

Y dayEnjoy the rest of your day

"Beginning of joyful days
Don't forget the importance of being yourself"

Beginning of joyful days
Don't forget the importance of being yourself.

  • Brand CI

    Nature(Plants) + Vitality

    Just as the mind is peaceful and relaxed
    With the wind blowing and
    the birds singing in the woods,

    True santuary with all your heart ‘Yday’

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  • Brand Color

    puregreen Vitality that puregreen has

    You can feel relaxed as if you are in the forest
    with clean energy from nature.

    #rest #relax #heal

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Brand Story

healthy life felt in everyday life
It is a naturalistic brand that provides healthy beauty and practices eco-friendly green life.

토닥토닥, 함께하는 동행길

Together with you

'Yday' will be with you to make your everyday life healthier.
We will create the value of happiness in your daily life so that you
can feel happiness in it.

우리가 마주하는 순간, 당신의 내일이 기대되기를

The moment we face each other,
we hope you look forward to tomorrow

With the words 'Nothing is as important as health', We hope you can get your healthy life back before
it's too late and you can start a pleasant day with refreshed body and mind.

"Nothing is more important than your health."

청정한 자연이 선사하는 건강한 삶

Healthy life from pure nature

It could be trivial for someone, but could be a big problem for another. It will heal you with a perfect recipe that contains nature as it is and
help you have a comfortable day by resolving discomfort in our daily life.

Yday를 만나고 내 삶이 변하기 시작했다.

These days, I like everything
about my body and mood
since I started using Yday

My life has changed after Yday.


"Beautiful journey with Yday
We will provide you perfect relax."

"With natural beauty enhance.
your fascination fill your life with peace and joy."